Get the right machine for the job, each and every time when you rent a SmartLift® from Outwest Lifting.

Great reasons to rent a SmartLift® from Outwest Lifting.

Lift heavy-duty glass pieces safely and easily with the SmartLift® glass manipulator.

  • Affordability: By renting a Smartlift® from Outwest Lifting, you eliminate the cost of owning the equipment and only pay when you need the lift.
  • Selection: Your and your team can choose from 2 Smartlift® models with many accessories when available.
  • Short-Term Commitments: With renting, you are not committed to a machine you might not always have a need for. Rent one when you need it. Do not worry about upkeep and maintenance when you don’t need it.

Offering SmartLift® Rentals

Contact us today about our SmartLift® 380 and 780 machine rentals. Delivery is available.

SmartLift 380

For outdoor lifting challenges that require a longer reach and higher lifting height, the SmartLift® 380 Outdoor High Lifter can lift over 830 lbs. and is specifically designed for terrain that’s off the beaten path.

  • Hoist max weight: Normal – 837 lbs. Extended – 220 lbs.
  • Lifting height: 11.55 ft.
  • Extension of arm: Normal – 1.96 ft. Extended – additional 1.96 ft.
  • Tip from horizontal: 45 degrees back. 90 degrees forward.
  • Dimensions (W x H x L): 2.7 ft. x 4.4 ft. x 7.2 ft.
  • Weight: 1,499 lbs.
  • Running Period: Approx. 30 hours
  • Standard Battery Charging time: Approx. 8 hours

SmartLift 780

The 780 Outdoor is the flagship of the SmartLift® line. Designed to lift over 1,800 lbs. with its extra-long reach and lifting height, the 780 Outdoor is perfect for lifting large, laminated window panes with ease.

  • Hoist max weight: 1,819 lbs.
  • Telescoping of arm: 2 x 2.72 ft.
  • Maximum lifting height: 14.4 ft.
  • Tip from horizontal: 42 degrees back. 86 degrees forward.
  • Dimensions (W x H x L): 3.3 x 5.0 ft. x 9.2 ft.
  • Weight: 2,867 lbs.
  • Running Period: Approx. 8 hours
  • Standard Battery Charging time: Approx. 10 hours

                    The smartest way to help with your lifts.